stormy skies

I have to admit to being a little distracted on my drives to work of late. We have had some atrocious weather – rain, high winds, storms – the upside being the spectacular early morning cloud formations.

1.storm clouds2.storm clouds3.storm clouds4.storm clouds5.storm clouds6.storm clouds7.storm clouds

My journey has been interrupted with frequent pauses to capture the ever changing skyscape.

8.storm clouds9.storm clouds10.storm clouds11.storm clouds12.stormy skies13.stormy skies

Sometimes, the sky resembles the ocean. looks like ocean

The drive home brings a different set of surprises.


kaleidoscope skies

We have experienced some spectacular sunsets from out hilltop home and this one recently was a doozy. I noticed a red glow outside and, glancing out of the lounge window, this is what I saw.


I grabbed my camera and raced outside to watch as nature set fire to the western sky.


Whichever direction I looked, different patterns and colours were emerging,


as though looking through a huge kaleidoscope.


The sun sank below the horizon,


the show over for another day.