renovation ruminations: part 2

Having completed the extension with the second bathroom, we were excited to start renovating the main bathroom and laundry. The bath and shower were made to accommodate vertically challenged individuals and the ugly window and lino had to go.

1.bath before

The tiles proved a bit difficult to remove

2.bath duringbath during

but perseverance paid off.

3.bath during

The more we demolished, the more shonky workmanship was revealed.

4.bath during

The laundry became a blank canvas once the lino was removed.

The new window and floor in the bathroom

8.bath during

were soon followed by internal walls and the bath.

9.bath during10.bath during

The laundry was progressing at the same time

11.laundry during

and the laying of tiles hinted that the end was nigh.

12.bath during13.bath during14.laundry during

We inherited an old Blackwood vanity unit that had been abandoned in the garage of a house bought by a friend. We were sure we could use it somewhere.

15.laundry bench before

A local joiner restored the timber, created a new top and replaced the cupboard inserts with reclaimed mini-orb. With a new ceramic sink and some knobs I found on the internet, the old vanity was given a new life. A floor to ceiling corner cupboard completed the picture.

16.laundry after17.laundry after

We wanted a rustic solid timber vanity unit for the bathroom which we soon realised we weren’t going to find in a shop. We bought a sturdy Blackwood slab and our joiner created a unique masterpiece.

18.bath after

Our beautiful new bathroom was complete.

19.bath after20.bath after

renovation ruminations: part 1

The house we have now is quite different from the one we bought six and a half years ago. The transformation has been gradual and we’ve had a lot of fun along the way. The first thing to go was the lino (why cover polished Tasmanian Oak flooring with lino?) and the pink walls

followed closely by light fittings, curtains and pelmets.

3.lino dining4.dining finished

The eastern end of the house had a large decked area that we would never use as we had plenty of other outdoor areas.


We thought an office and second bathroom would be a much better option. The framework soon went up during

and it wasn’t long before the plumbing was in.

Next came the sisalation


and the sliding door was relocated to the front of the house.

11.sliding door

Everyday was a surprise as the inside began to take shape.


The decking had to be cunningly re-laid.


While the cedar cladding was fixed to the outside


the tiling was underway in the bathroom


followed closely by the shower installation.


Once the builders had finished, the painters added the finishing touches.


The end result was exactly as we had envisaged.

29.ensuite28.after27.after25.outside after26.outside after