Sounds of Silence

One of the highlights of our stay at Uluru was the Sounds of Silence dinner. It began with a bus ride to a sand dune in the middle of nowhere. We indulged in canapés and sparkling wine

as we watched the descending sun

2.setting sun

change the hues of Uluru.

3.Uluru4.Uluru sunset

Behind us, Kata Tjuta was transforming

5.Kata Tjuta

as the sun sank lower. Sol finally slipped below the horizon

6.setting sun7.sunset

and while trying not to take our eyes off the spectacle around us,

8.Uluru sunset9.Kata Tjuta sunset

we made our way along a path to our restaurant. The kitchen was well equipped

and the formal table settings contrasted sharply with the surrounding landscape.

11.table setting

While we got to know our fellow travellers


we listened to the stirring sounds of a didgeridoo


and enjoyed some of Australia’s finest wines. The bush tucker inspired buffet included barbecued barramundi, kangaroo, emu & crocodile. The last glow lit up the horizon

14.sheoak sunset

and the dark sky came alive with stars.

The resident star talker introduced us to the wonders of the universe and we had the opportunity for a close up view of Saturn and the Earth’s moon through his amazing telescope. The lighting around the perimeter created a warming ambience

and as the desert evening cooled down, the gas heaters were welcomed.

Replete with food, wine and good company, it was a very quiet bus ride back to the resort.

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