Vico Pancellorum

Sunday was a day of rest for the hardworking luthiers so, having been recommended a certain restaurant, we drove to the village of Vico Pancellorum to sample for ourselves. The village is the last in Bagni di Lucca heading up the Lima River. We spent some time before lunch exploring the village


and admiring the majesty of the countryside.


The houses cling to the steep hillside leading to one of the tallest mountains in Tuscany,


each had its own character.

This monument appears to be a memorial to those who fought in the Apennines.


We paused to look back at the village


and the neighbours across the valley


before continuing up the hill.


Once again, I was intrigued by the old doorways

and gates.

We ambled on,


bursts of colour revealed themselves

and it was time to take in the gorgeous view over the village


before returning for lunch. There were some lovely surprises as we strolled back.

We had worked up an appetite and Buca di Baldabò didn’t disappoint.

39.Buca di Baldabò

With no written menu, we were happy to be guided by our hosts. Unfortunately, I didn’t take food photos but the four of us shared a selection of traditional Tuscan dishes including Gnocchi with Gypsy Sauce, Tagliatelli with Wild Game Sauce, Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli with Basil, Slow Cooked Lamb and Rabbit with Olives. I came up for air long enough to snap the wonderful finale of Biscotti con Vin Santo.

40.Biscotti con Vin Santo

Before leaving the village, we had a closer look at Pieve di San Paolo.

41.Pieve di San Paolo

Dating back to 873AD, it is the oldest church of the Val di Lima.

One last look at the gorgeous mountains and we were braced for the drive home.

44.view from Pieve di San Paolo

A perfect way to spend a Sunday.

8 thoughts on “Vico Pancellorum

  1. Very fond memories brought to life with your wonderful photos. Shots of the food would have been good too. I agree the gypsy sauce was amazing! A memorable meal with such a great couple. See you soon.


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