The Bridge

Whichever way you look at it, Sydney Harbour Bridge is spectacular.

1.The Bridge2.The Bridge3.The Bridge

When it was opened in 1932, after eight years of construction, it was the longest single span steel arch bridge in the world.

4.The Bridge

Today, there are eight lanes of traffic, two railway lines, a pedestrian pathway and a cycleway connecting the city of Sydney with the North Shore.

5.The Bridge6.The Bridge

The closer you look, the more fascinating it becomes.

7.The Bridge8.The Bridge

Six million hand driven rivets and 53,000 tonnes of steel come together with artistic precision.

The Bridge Climb was on our bucket list for quite some time and we weren’t disappointed.


Dressed in regulation climbing gear, we had a safety briefing and practiced climbing narrow, steep ladders before the real thing. The climb started below the highway and after navigating catwalks with ease, we had to ascend four ladders that took us up through the traffic to the start of the upper arch.

The jelly knees soon settled and the rest of the 1,332 steps was quite leisurely. We weren’t allowed to take cameras or anything else that could drop to the roadway but we had a few photos taken by the leader.

21.bridge climb

Though a tad windy and overcast, it was pleasant for walking.

22.bridge climb

134 metres above the harbour, we lingered for a while to admire the breathtaking panorama.

23.bridge climb

Too soon, we returned to solid ground, vowing next time we will do a sunset climb. There is certainly something magical about that bridge.

24.The Bridge

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