end of the line

We awoke on the last day of our transcontinental rail journey to blue skies and a verdant landscape.


The Nullarbor Plain was behind us and our destination, Perth, was merely hours away. While enjoying our breakfast in the Queen Adelaide restaurant car, the vista suddenly changed. We were passing what appeared to be massive salt lakes


and the heavily clouded sky emitted an eerie glow.


The lakes seemed to stretch for miles, yet, despite lengthy searching, I can find no reference to them.


By lunch time, the scenery had changed again


and before long we were passing through the wheat belt,


the outer suburbs of Perth and finally, East Perth Railway Station.

2 thoughts on “end of the line

  1. Rosie comes from a long line of farmers who still farm in the wheat belt of WA – she once told me that a lot of the salt plains in that area are the result of deforestation in the area by the early settler farmers.


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