On a perfect spring morning, we set off for a day of exploring the Tuscan countryside and some of the towns along the way. Our first stop was Asciano, an Etruscan hill town in the province of Sienna. We parked our trusty Fiat


and wandered through the quiet streets.


From a high point in the town, the 13th century campanile of the Church of Saint Agatha complemented the surrounding verdancy.


We indulged in coffee and chocolate croissants


before meandering back to the car. An Australian cycling team were taking a break, they were probably in the area for the Giro d’Italia.


The clocktower was topped with a beautiful decorative feature.


The 11th century Basilica of Saint Agatha looked quite different from this angle.


I couldn’t write an Italian post without including at least a couple of doors.

As the cyclists left town,


it was time to continue on our way, too. We didn’t get far before stopping to admire the breathtaking panorama.


I think I found my dream home.


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