Stirling Castle

Soon after arriving in Scotland I discovered my trusty old hiking boots were no longer waterproof. There was nothing else for it but to seek out a new pair so we ventured to Stirling for the big event. Newly booted, we paid a visit to Stirling Castle.


Dating from the early 12th century, the present buildings were mostly built between 1490 and 1600.


Unfortunately, the Royal Palace was undergoing a £12 million refurbishment so there wasn’t a lot for us to see.


Judging by the weather, the walkway between the Palace and the Great Hall was a necessity.


Just outside the castle walls lies Ballengeich Cemetery and gorgeous views across the River Forth and countryside beyond.


The inclement weather put a dampener on the National Wallace Memorial, standing on the summit of Abbey Craig.


The 13th century Scottish hero, Sir William Wallace, is commemorated by this 67 metre high sandstone tower, built in 1869.


We didn’t explore the monument as we were short of time. We had a dinner date back in Greenock with some of Michael’s long lost relatives.


Next time, we will visit the monument and climb the 246 steps to the top, hopefully on a clear day.

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