rampant rhubarb

The warm, wet summer we have had so far has sent the rhubarb rabid.


I have given it away by the kilo, along with the recipe for the very popular rhubarb champagne and still am inundated. Fortunately, I have another fabulous recipe in my armoury – rhubarb & ginger jam. I thought I would share it in case you are in the same predicament. You will need 1.5kg trimmed rhubarb


chopped into small pieces.


Mix it in a bowl with 125ml lemon juice and 1.5kg sugar,

cover and leave it overnight.


Next day, transfer the mixture to a large pan


and finely chop a 4cm piece of fresh ginger.


Place the ginger into a muslin bag tied securely with string and add it to the pan.


Stir over a low heat until the sugar has dissolved.


Bring to the boil and boil rapidly 20-30 minutes, stirring often. Remove any scum during cooking. When the mixture has thickened, test for setting point,


put the muslin bag in the compost bin and spoon the jam into sterilized jars.

I am grateful for my husband’s penchant for Rose’s Marmalade, the jars are perfect.


It’s not the most enticing colour but the flavor of this jam is awesome.


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