Il Castagno

When looking for a place to stay for the week after the guitar course, I found a 700 year old farmhouse near Cortona. Seeing it on the internet I thought there was no way it could possibly be as good as it appeared. I was right. It was even better!


The owners live in Colorado and bought the villa to restore in 1999. It was absolutely perfect and, as it was their part time home, it felt very welcoming. The living room,


main bedroom


and bathroom


were upstairs and the natural beauty of the house was complemented by tasteful furnishings.

Some fine meals were created in the ground floor kitchen


which opened on to the sunny courtyard.


The original features outside had been retained

and the small front garden was colourful.

We enjoyed relaxing in the shade with a beverage after long days exploring,


admiring the view

of Cortona, only a 10 minute drive away.


The shafts of sunlight on this stormy evening lent a spectacular display.


On other nights, the sinking sun set the sky on fire.


We knew from the moment we arrived, it was going to be very hard to leave.


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