venerable veggies

My poor veggie patch has lain sadly neglected for months. Normally resplendent with a winter crop, this year was just too wet for anything to survive. Apart from weeds. A hefty dose of mushroom compost was added somewhere between showers but even the mushrooms were few.


I am pleased to say, the weather has improved and I have been busy. Into bed one went the tomatoes.

The pots next to the plants are to allow for deeper watering (I stole the idea from a picture in a magazine). Onto bed two with some green beans,

mixed Asian greens,


and Bloomsdale spinach.


Beetroot went into bed three

along with carrots and garlic. I haven’t learnt from past experience and planted four zucchini and two pumpkin in bed four.

I was inundated with zucchini a couple of years ago and gave most of it away until I discovered it can be grated and frozen to be used for zucchini slice throughout the year. It just needs to be thawed overnight in a colander to drain the excess liquid. The Jalapeno chilli has a small box of its own

and I added basil


to the herb bed.

The fruit salad tree is doing well, producing an abundance of lemons.


Four weeks on and the growth has been astounding, we are already harvesting the Asian greens.

I forgot to mention the rhubarb. It has been prolific through all seasons and mostly is donated to various friends & acquaintances.

I’m looking forward to reaping the rewards in the coming months.


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