Hadrian’s Wall

Leaving the beauty of Wales behind, we drove through the Lake District, stopping at Windermere to buy supplies.


The weather was not conducive to sightseeing


so we were soon on our way to Carlisle for a two night stay at New Pallyards Farm. The next day, we set off to discover Hadrian’s Wall. Built from 122AD, it was the northernmost boundary of the Roman Empire until early in the 5th century. There were many forts along the 80 miles between the Irish Sea and North Sea


and the lookout at Greenhead rewarded with spectacular views across the countryside.

The section of wall at Walltown Crags was impressive


as it snaked its way along Whin Sill


a spectacular rock formation formed millions of years ago.


The view down to the car park and the landscape beyond was stunning.


We drove on to Housesteads Fort and climbed the hill


to the Visitor’s Centre.


Originally named Vercovicium, meaning ‘the place of the effective fighters’, Housesteads is the most complete Roman fort in Britain.


The foundations include a hospital, barracks, granaries

and even flushable toilets.


From the ridge, the most preserved part of the wall disappears into the distance


and the remains of a gate can be seen.


The panorama across Northumberland National Park was magnificent


and the locals seemed very contented.


We continued our drive to Newcastle,


eager for a drop of the namesake brown ale. We were so disappointed to learn they don’t serve Newcastle Brown Ale on tap in Newcastle! We chose another brew and enjoyed a delicious lunch overlooking Tynemouth Bay


and the majestic 13th century Castle & Priory.


Unfortunately, the ruins were closed to visitors for the season so we returned to our cottage in Carlisle for another cosy night.

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