Our last day in Ponte a Serraglio was grey and drizzly but we had planned a drive to Montefegatesi and nothing was going to stop us. On the way we passed San Gemignano and took the opportunity to pull over and admire the scenery.

1.San Gemignano2.San Gemignano3.view

Montefegatesi is the highest village in Bagni di Lucca at 842m above sea level and was used by Lucca to guard the boundary with Modena.


We wandered through the village along impossibly narrow streets



with random cars parked at impossible angles.


The old wooden doorways had so much character

and the houses were wedged into every available space.



At the top of the village is a monument to Dante Alighieri built by the villagers in 1908.


His stern countenance belies the breathtaking vista from his vantage point or maybe he just doesn’t like the rain.


Returning to the village we were rewarded with more gorgeous views.


We enjoyed a prosciutto & formaggio panini at the Pizzeria (ham & cheese roll sounds much more enticing in Italian)


before the hair-raising drive back down the mountain for our last night in Ponte a Serraglio.

10 thoughts on “Montefegatesi

  1. More great shots reminding us of that fabulous holiday.
    These look a lot like Vico Pancellorum where we had lunch on the boys day off. Can you post those photos too? Jude


  2. Lovely shots, there’s something special about wandering around on holiday on a drizzly day, it doesn’t always have to be sunny to be beautiful.


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