Returning from our day out in Bath we discovered the lovely town of Bradford-on-Avon. With Roman origins, it grew in the 17th century with a thriving woollen textile industry. We parked the car and walked to the river.

2.Bradford on Avon1.Bradford on Avon3.Bradford on Avon

The Town Bridge was built in Norman times. The small building in the middle of the bridge was originally a chapel but later used as a town lockup. The unusual weather vane has a fish on top.

4.The Town Bridge5.Lock up

Many of the old textile factories have been converted into modern flats and apartments.

6.Bradford on Avon

Holy Trinity Church is the original parish church and is Norman in origin. The tower and spire was replaced around 1480.

7.Bradford on Avon8.Holy Trinity Church

We wandered through the town with its quaint shops and buildings.

9.Bradford on Avon10.Bradford on Avon11.Bradford on Avon12.Bradford on Avon13.Bradford on Avon

The Swan Hotel is one of the few buildings that are still used as they were originally intended. There has been a public house on the same site since the 1500s, though the current building is 17th century.

14.Swan Hotel

We would like to have had more time to sample the local ale but more adventures awaited.

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