auspicious autumn

Autumn is a busy time in the garden, with two truckloads of mulch to spread

1.mulch pile14.mulching 3.mulch pile3

and firewood to get in for the winter. We don’t cut down trees in our forest but sometimes nature helps out.


It’s hard work – he cuts,


I stack

then Betsy helps us take it up the hill.


I find some fascinating features in the forest


trees that appear to have died have not.

We split


and stack the wood ready for our winter warmth.


The garden still has some colour

and the bees love the callistemon.

36.callistemon bee

Five years ago I made a bench from the branches of our pruned fruit trees.


Sadly, it has succumbed to the elements.


Maybe another project…..

8 thoughts on “auspicious autumn

  1. Looks like a lot of hard work – reminds me of all the weed spraying we have to do here in the tropics during the wet season, not quite as back-breaking though.


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