Hartzview Vineyard

When my sister was here on holiday, we ventured on a girl’s road trip to Strahan and Hobart. Having sampled the produce of Hartzview Vineyard at Salamanca Market, we realised an expedition further south was in order. The complimentary lunchtime dessert voucher was added incentive. On a gorgeous overcast, drizzly day and after a few diversions along the way, we arrived at Hartzview in time for lunch.


Hartz peak was shrouded in mist.


The shop was filled with tempting produce, some of which came home with us.

The views through the stained glass windows of the tasting room were lush and peaceful.

There was no need to reserve a table

9.dining room

and the meals were superb.

Did I mention the free dessert?


After lunch, we explored the Heritage listed fruit pickers’ huts.


The seven restored huts, dating from 1934 and 1943, were used by seasonal fruit pickers who came to pick berries from December to March.


Whole families would live in a hut, sleeping up to eight people.


During the Second World War, Italian prisoners of war worked as fruit pickers and farmhands and were housed in these huts.25.hut324.hut2-4

This unexpected journey into the past, coupled with a wonderful lunch in a beautiful location, made for a very memorable day.


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