wonder wall

Last month, we completed a project that we had been working on for a few weeks. There was an area along the driveway where the land dropped away to the paddock and the driveway was being undermined.

We looked at all sorts of retaining wall solutions and decided used tyres were the way to go. The fellas at the local tyre service were happy to help and put aside any tyres of a specific size for us. Each week, we would collect them


place them in position


fill them with soil (we had a truckload of clean fill delivered) and stomp the soil to pack it down.

Of course, Poppy was on hand to help.


The dead tree close by was removed in case it came down on the new fence line. It will be next years firewood.


The posts for the new fence were positioned

and stabilised as we went.

The grasses didn’t take long to start growing in the new soil.


Finally, we were up to the top row


and more soil levelled the tyres with the driveway.

Once we get some rain, we will add grass seed to the top level and the wall will be complete.


Now for that fence…………


A big thank you to the guys at Tyreright. If you need new tyres or are thinking of building a wall, you’ll find them here https://www.tyreright.com.au/stores/burnie

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