Caddo Lake

While staying with Michael’s brother and sister-in-law in Texas, we were taken to Caddo Lake, the largest freshwater lake in southern U.S.A. Half in Texas and half in Louisiana, the 26,800 acre lake was once home to the Caddo Indians. The land was bought by the Government in 1835 and within a year all were moved out.

There are a number of theories as to how the town of Uncertain, on the shore of Caddo Lake, got its name. We lunched at Uncertain General Store & Grill, their specialty being catfish, along with other tasty offerings.


I chose the safety of a bowl of fries but Michael had no trouble tucking into a mug of refried beans.


After lunch, we boarded the Graceful Ghost, a replica 1800s steamboat, for a leisurely paddle around the lake.

1.Caddo Lake1a.Graceful Ghost

The wood-burning paddlewheel steamboat hypnotised us with rhythmic harmonies as we skimmed along Big Cypress Bayou.

2.Caddo Lake3.Caddo Lake5.Caddo Lake6.Caddo Lake

The majestic cypress trees, draped in Spanish moss, were surreal and eerie.

4.Caddo Lake7.Caddo Lake

The egrets were magnificent


and the occasional beaver nest broke the surface.

9.beaver nest

This hitchhiker was enjoying the sunshine.

12.Caddo Lake

The Tea Rooms could do with some renovation

13.Caddo Lake14.Caddo Lake

and if you don’t want to dine there, you can always catch your own.

15.Caddo Lake

Our Caddo Lake experience was enchanting

10.Caddo Lake11.Caddo Lake16.Caddo Lake

and the tempo of the Graceful Ghost inspired Michael to create a musical composition.

17.Caddo Lake

This is where you can listen to “The Graceful Ghost”

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