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Following the success of his first novel, The Tramp, I am pleased to announce the publication of Michael’s second tome. Those who have read The Tramp will recall the enigmatic (deceased) character, Ned Brandscombe, or Uncle Ned as he was known to Samantha and Nicky. (Those who haven’t read it really should). Old Ned’s Secret turns back the clock to share the moment of revelation of a long held secret to 16 year old Samantha.

A further ten short stories, arising from the fecund imagination of the author, fill the pages between the covers. Each tale, plumbed from the depths of memories, dreams and personal experiences, is a tantalising fusion of suspense and humour. The lyrics of Michael’s musical composition, The Transit of Venus, complete the book with a thought provoking epilogue.

Old Ned’s Secret: AND OTHER TALL TALES is available in paperback or Kindle through Amazon in your country.

Tiger Dreaming

The Tramp Wayfarer Header Image2

After many hours of blood, sweat and, yes, tears, I am able to announce Tiger Dreaming, the website has been born. Not only will you find everything you need to know about The Tramp, there is a whole world of music, art and words to explore.

I hope you’ll visit, leave a comment or ‘like’ and maybe even get in touch.


The Tramp launch

The long awaited launch of ‘The Tramp’ took place on Sunday, 12th February at Burnie Regional Art Gallery. An enthusiastic crowd gathered to enjoy an afternoon of music and literary delights. The band assembled

1.tuning up

as Roger Jaensch, MP, became MC

2.Roger Jaensch

and, reading an excerpt from the novel, introduced the song, ‘Cottage By The Sea’.

3.Cottage By The Sea

Three more tracks from the CD were preceded with a reading by guests, each shared passage and song a tantalising tidbit of what lay within the pages of the novel.

4.Kathy reading

Michael related the story of how ‘The Tramp’ evolved from a dream he had and the journey of the last two years to the culmination on this afternoon.

Michael was supported by some amazing musicians who also appear on the CD. Julie Swain played the baby grand piano;

Neil Gray, lead guitar;

18.Neil Gray

Phil Tibbits, bass guitar; Nick Turner, lead guitar;

19.Phil, Gary, Nick

Gary Pine, harmonica

and Kane Wylie, drums.

22.Kane Wylie

Husband and wife team, Tony & Judi Swain, expertly synchronised backing vocals and harmonies.

23.Tony & Judi Swain

I nearly forgot to mention, Michael Cannon, acoustic guitar.

The final number, featuring the fabulous voice of Natasha Bakker, had the audience clapping, singing and dancing.

29.Natasha Bakker

The excited crowd called for encore and Michael obliged with a thought provoking ballad. The entertainment was over, the bar was still open and many were compelled to take home a copy of the book and CD. Our friend, Jude, came all the way from W.A., her help was invaluable.


A big ‘Thank You’ to all who have believed in Michael, we really appreciate your support. Looking forward to the next project……

31.the end

Photography courtesy of Chris Swain and David Harvey. Thanks guys.

32.CD & novel

The paperback and Kindle are available online at Amazon.com, Kindle at Amazon.com.au and the CD at Bandcamp.com


Both CD and paperback are in stock at Burnie Regional Art Gallery and ‘Not Just Books’, Burnie, Soon to be on shelves of bookshops around Tasmania and at tigerdreaming.com.au. Alternatively, you can use the contact form on this site for more information or to purchase a copy.

not long now

I am pleased and proud to announce, the culmination of Michael’s creative endeavour is nigh, with the official launch of “The Tramp” only a week away. The product of two years of blood, sweat and yes, tears, has taken over the dining room table in readiness for packaging and posting.


For the many who supported Michael through the crowdfunding campaign, your goodies will be on their way very soon. There is an extra bonus of a box of Wild Island Tastes “Shipwrecked” chocolate bark to enjoy while you read your book or listen to your CD. The pen has been busy thanking you all individually,


we wish you could all be here for the launch. Michael will be supported by the talented guest musicians who appear on the CD and, along with the M.P. MC and readings from the novel, it will be a very special afternoon. The novel and CD will be available at selected retail outlets and online at amazon.com and tigerdreaming.com.au.


If you can make it to Burnie Regional Art Gallery 1pm Sunday 12th February, we’d love to see you there.

The Tramp revisited

I am pleased to report that Michael’s crowdfunding campaign (see post on The Tramp) has successfully concluded. It has been a turbulent journey with wonderful support from myriad avenues, both known and new.

The Tramp CD_Novel Mock

Thank you to all those who believe in Michael enough to pre-order books and CDs and to others who generously pledged support without reward. Congratulations to the new custodian of The Beast, the hand crafted cigar box guitar that will be heard on the CD.

1.The Beast

If you are contemplating crowdfunding your next project you will need a very thick skin and be prepared to learn some lessons on friendship along the way. There are still many hours of work ahead for Michael and I wish him much success, he deserves it.