eleven years

Last month marked eleven years since we moved to our little piece of paradise. This led to some reflection, over a glass of wine or two, of renovations completed and projects accomplished. The property we have now is quite different from the one we purchased in 2009. The first thing to go was the lino on the floor, I don’t understand why anyone would lay that over polished timber.

The pink walls and light fittings soon followed along with the curtains.

With so many outdoor areas, we decided the large deck at the eastern end of the house was better put to use as an office. We included a second bathroom in the extension to serve as an ensuite to the third bedroom for guests.

The main bathroom was next for a makeover, I don’t have a ‘before’ photo of the bathroom, it was so terrible, but you’ll get the general idea. Demolishing the tiny bath and shower cubicle was very satisfying, the transformation is amazing.

The laundry was done at the same time.

The red brick walls in the lounge were rendered and painted, the carpet and tiles replaced with polished timber, new curtains and lounge suite completed the package.

The bedrooms didn’t need too much work, floor coverings were removed, timbers polished and new curtains.

The kitchen was a major project, I had forgotten how ugly it was until I dug out these photos.

At the same time things were changing inside, we were working on some big projects outside. Apart from some delicious strawberries and a few spuds, there wasn’t much growing in the veggie patch. A few months of hard toil changed that.

We then set about building a potting shed from reclaimed materials and somewhere to wash the produce.

The chook shed had seen a number of incarnations before we gave up and bought one that only required assembling.

36.chook house

The driveway needed some attention before it descended into the paddock, we sourced old car tyres to create a substantial retaining wall and then replaced the fence along the entire length.

It was doubtful how long the timbers on the bridge down in the forest would hold the weight of the tractor so we replaced them with new hardwood and brought the old ones up for future use.

The biggest reno to date was the back verandah, motivated when a pair of swallows insisted on building their nest in the eaves. Many months later, we could sit back and enjoy our efforts (the timbers used for the dining and coffee table are some of the old ones from the bridge).

At the end of the back room, we left an area for a BBQ kitchen. The decking was an exhausting enterprise, the fine tuning of the ‘kitchen’ is yet to evolve.

Our most ambitious (and final?) renovation is a work in progress. Hopefully, I will be able share that with you in the not too distant future. There is one thing that will stay the same.

46.cannonhill 569

twenty years

Twenty years ago on this day something happened that changed my life. I was invited to a barbecue by a very special friend, there was someone she thought I should meet. “I’m not interested”, I said, but I went anyway. Little did I know, she had said the same thing to the “someone”, with the same response. The rest, as they say, is history. We had a couple of dates

and before long we were cohabiting. We’ve had some good times, both at home

9.7th wedding anniversary 01.10

7th wedding anniversary, January 2010

and away.

14.Sydney Opera House 12.10

Sydney Opera House, December 2010

We’ve had some adventures

21.Hanson Bay,Kangaroo Island 02.98

Hanson Bay, Kangaroo Island, February 1998

and some silliness.

36.Harbour Bridge climb,Sydney 12.10

Harbour Bridge Climb, Sydney, December 2010

39.with Kevin Bloody Wilson,Launceston 08.14

with Kevin Bloody Wilson, Launceston, August 2014

Six and a half years after that fateful day, we had a very formal wedding

40.wedding1 01.03

Wedding, Dawesley, January 2003

and reception.

41.wedding2 01.01

wedding reception, Dawesley, January 2003

Along the way, we have learned the essential ingredients of a successful relationship. It takes a lot of teamwork,

a bit of role play doesn’t go astray

and most importantly, don’t argue over the little things.

48.little things 11.09

with Charlie, November 2009

It’s been a fabulous journey, looking forward to the next twenty……