Desert Park

The last day of our Northern Territory holiday had arrived and we made the most of it at Alice Springs Desert Park. The ridge of Alhekulyele (Mt. Gillen) is a stunning backdrop to the 3,000 acre park.

We arrived in time for the Nature Theatre show to be entertained with demonstrations of free-flying birds of prey.




The bush stone-curlew stole my heart again.

The park has three re-created desert habitats to explore: Sand Country, Woodland and Desert Rivers. The Woodland habitat includes enclosures for dingoes

and kangaroos.

It was a bit early for the wildflowers but they were lending some bursts of colour.

The Desert Rivers habitat was full of life, from the magnificent perenties enjoying the sun,


to the black cockatoos posing majestically in the trees.


The waterholes were popular

while some preferred dry land.

We had the opportunity to learn more about the wedge-tailed eagle


and he very kindly posed for a photo.


The reptile house was home to some cute lizards

and snakes.


The tawny frogmouth looked very regal.


Our day at the Desert Park was amazing


and we left with some very special memories.

4 thoughts on “Desert Park

  1. It was a great day. Just recently a person was injured by an owl at the park during the birds of prey demonstration. Glad they behaved themselves while we were there!


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