Benabbio doors

One of the things I found fascinating in the Tuscan villages was the seemingly infinite array of doors. Wandering around Benabbio, I was intrigued by the lives unfolding behind these portals and what may have been in the past few hundred years. There were many green doors and I wondered at the significance.


I found some interesting insights, from suggestions of traditional values, caring about home & community,


to being ambitious and good with finances.


Green insinuates health, safety, tranquility and harmony.

In ancient times, green was worn to appeal to nature spirits for protection.


Whatever the reason, I think green is a fabulous colour for a front door.

Some doors were quite opulent


or at least, displayed a certain style.

Others exhibited their many years of service.


Then there were those that haven’t been opened in recent times.

I wonder what this mysterious little hatch was used for?


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