Standley Chasm

A short drive from Simpsons Gap, in the West MacDonnell Ranges, is Angkerle Atwatye, as it is known by the local Aborigines. The European name was given in honour of the first school teacher in Alice Springs in 1914, Mrs. Ida Standley. The walking track follows a creek


dotted with spring fed pools.


Ferns and cycad palms are a reminder that this arid region was once lush


and the gum trees thrive in the moist gully floor.


The red quartzite cliffs are magnificent,


formed over millions of years as flood waters have cut their way through the Chewings Range.


We finally reached the spectacle that is Standley Chasm,


the 80 metre high walls guarding the natural alleyway.


As we moved closer, the majesty beyond was revealed.

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