Benabbio church

The Benabbio church, Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta, was first opened in the year 1336.


The beautiful stone buildings grace the piazza of the same name.


There is a monument commemorating a thousand years from 983 to 1983.


Behind the church is a former chapel which has been converted to a museum


housing religious objects hundreds of years old. One evening before dinner, we were privileged to have a guided tour of the museum, not normally open to the public.

This statue was carved out of a hollow tree trunk in the 13th century


and the back of this one is an old wooden door.

These two wooden statues, representing the annunciation, were carved in 1394 and are in surprisingly good condition.


Some of the expressions on the faces within this altar were quite disturbing.


I like the floor tiles with reference to brothers and sisters.

The church was beautiful with the late afternoon sun creating a peaceful ambience.


The carved and painted triptych hanging over the altar was made in 1469.


The church is floodlit at night, a tradition in Italy even out in the countryside and mountains.

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