Benabbio skies

Our days at Villa San Rocco culminated with bevvies on the balcony in the late afternoon. Not only was it an exceptional way to end the day, it presented the opportunity to witness nature at her artistic best, presenting a different image each day. The suns rays illuminated the mountains through an overcast sky.

The fiery orange glow promised a perfect spring day to come.

Sure enough, the following day was glorious.

Clouds mingled with mountains creating a new horizon.

The colours explode in fabulous firecracker fashion.

Heavy cloud concealed the setting sun

but later, after dinner in the village, a rose glow revealed itself.

There was an eerie intensity this day, almost as though spells were being cast over the mountains.

Our last sunset was truly spectacular, the changes subtle as we sipped and reminisced the past two weeks

and contemplated the adventures that lay ahead.


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