Wild Island Tastes

Tasmania is renowned for its clean water, fresh air and rich soil. This, of course, means quality fresh produce in abundance. Now, imagine those unique flavours of fruit, honey and lavender and add…chocolate. This week, I was fortunate to witness the launch of a fabulous new Tasmanian product, Wild Island Tastes Chocolate Bark.


Mingling for a while with the benefit of wine and cheese,

the Mayor then introduced the creators of this fine concoction. Anna and Joan have been firm friends for thirty years and have worked hard together to realise their dream. They shared with us their journey from inception to induction of their wonderful handmade chocolate bark.

4.Anna & Joan

I shall acquaint you with these taste sensations. Tarkine Treasures

5.Tarkine Treasures1

is a treasure trove of Tasmanian flavours, plump freeze-dried raspberries, natural leatherwood honey-roasted almonds nestled in the finest dark chocolate with a crunch of exotic cacao nibs.

6.Tarkine Treasures2

Summer Love

7.Summer Love1

delivers delicious Tasmanian freeze-dried strawberries on a bed of the finest white chocolate, sprinkled with Tasmanian lavender flowers, exotic coconut flakes and white chia seeds.

8.Summer Love2

Shipwrecked is my favourite.


Shards of premium milk chocolate and delicate white chocolate swirls enhance the flavours of Tasmanian freeze-dried blueberries, earthy pepitas, crunchy caramel and Tasmanian sea salt.


It is impossible to describe the fusion of flavours, a mouthwatering and memorable taste experience.


I should mention the very talented graphic designer who, when presented with the name Wild Island Tastes, created the identity, encompassing logo design, packaging and promotional material – my husband, Michael Cannon.


I hope you have the chance to experience Wild Island Tastes Chocolate Bark for yourself.


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