Benabbio is one of the mountain villages of Bagni di Lucca, dating back to 983AD. It was owned by the Lupari family and cousin Lupo swore to defend the Apennine Mountains against invaders. The drive to the village is narrow and winding with gorgeous views if you dare to look.


Past the cemetery,


the houses at the entrance to the village give a hint of the history awaiting.

The road leads to the small Piazza Santa Maria, with a grocery store, store



parish church and ristorante. We enjoyed some memorable evenings at Il Cavallino Bianco.

8.Il Cavallino Bianco

There were some intriguing alleyways leading off the piazza.

The stone steps took us further up the hill,

12.walkway steps

passing more rural properties

and the fabulous pizzeria, Acquolina in Bocca.

15.Acquolina in Bocca

Villa San Rocco was situated about halfway up the hill

16.Villa San Rocco

with much of the village to discover beyond.


There was plenty of spring colour around, both wild and potted.

There were many walking paths through the surrounding hills


with magnificent views of the stunning landscape


and the village below.


There were so many fragments of history to be seen on our wanderings.

Even the four-legged inhabitants look contented to be living in this wonderful village.


There are too many amazing things about Benabbio to cover in one post, there will be more to come.

9 thoughts on “Benabbio

  1. Even my Beppe made an appearance in your beautiful photos of Benabbio! Hope you guys are well – you need to come back and do a second series…in the Fall this time! Teri


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