Wing’s Wildlife Park

Wing’s Wildlife Park has the largest collection of Australian wildlife in Australia. A forty five minute drive from our door, the park is set in a stunning location at Gunns Plains

1.Gunns Plains

on the banks of the Leven River.

2.Leven River

In January 2011, the Leven River broke its banks and the wildlife park sustained extensive flood damage. The Wing family considered closing the park but with the help of some fantastic volunteers, they re-opened within two weeks. We arrived in time for the feeding of the Tasmanian Devils.

There were a number of assorted ducks and geese wandering around.

Most of the native animals have been rescued following injury. If they are able, they are released into their natural habitat when rehabilitated, otherwise they stay at the park for the rest of their lives.

17.golden brushtail possum18.sugar glider

The eastern quoll is considered extinct on the mainland, but it does inhabit much of Tasmania.

The Bennett’s wallaby has a wonderful enclosure.

22.Bennett's wallaby enclosure

Known as the red-necked wallaby on the mainland, they are a common sight in Tasmania.

23.Bennett's wallaby1

Pademelons are gorgeous creatures, they frequent our garden at night, although I don’t think albinos would fare too well in the wild.

Wombats look so cuddly.


This one was a bit of an acrobat.

We don’t have koalas in the wild in Tasmania

but we have plenty of lizards

38.blotched blue tongues

and birds.

The crab-eating macaque was deep in thought

The park was the first to import American bison into Tasmania.


There are a variety of four-legged friends

and some very cute mums with baby.

The camels seemed to be having a hard time with their vegetables.

The animals have some gorgeous scenery to enjoy


and the poplar lined driveway is a beautiful farewell to a wonderful day.


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