There aren’t a lot of options for somewhere to stay overnight through the middle of the Northern Territory, we fortunately found an oasis in the desert. Not far from the Devils Marbles is the tiny settlement of Wauchope, 375km north of Alice Springs. The hotel opened in 1930 to serve the needs of the local miners and cattle workers.

1.Devils Marbles Hotel

The accommodation wasn’t five star luxury


but it was clean, comfortable and cosy


and I liked the sentiment found on the wall above the bed.


The garden was immaculate


with a couple of quirky features

and a great spot to relax with a beverage

11.beer garden

by the pool.


The locals were very friendly


and eager for a game of football.


Adjacent to the dining room,

the winery offered a wide selection to choose from


to accompany our sumptuous meals.

Before leaving the next morning, we had a closer look at the rusted wrecks garaged at the front of the hotel under the harsh desert sun.


We were observed from on high by this magnificent creature.


I hope he found a tasty morsel for breakfast.

5 thoughts on “Wauchope

  1. It’s almost exactly a year since we stayed there! Doesn’t time fly? As you said it’s not 5 star luxury but it really is a little oasis in the middle of the vast and remote Northern Territory.


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