contented Christmas

We decided to do something different for Christmas Day this year. Life is so busy, time spent relaxing together seems to get less and less, so that’s what we did. We packed up Betsy


and headed for our rainforest. There is a special spot we call The Glade and we made ourselves comfortable.


A nice bottle of wine

and main course of roast chicken and salad.

5.main course

The local residents didn’t intrude, they were silent and beautiful.

Not being a lover of fruit mince and having a tonne of rhubarb in the veggie patch, rhubarb muffins made the perfect dessert.


The after lunch entertainment was outstanding.

Sadly, it had to end but there will be more days in the forest to come.

19.tired Poppy

I hope you all had a special Christmas and wish you a safe & happy 2016.

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