magical mountain

Cradle Mountain on a perfect spring day is very different from the winter experience. The looming mountain lends a stunning backdrop for Dove Lake.

1.dove lake

Weindorfer’s boathouse rests peacefully at the water’s edge.


I never tire of the scenery as we walk the Dove Lake Track

and Lake Lilla exudes its usual tranquility.

8.Lake Lilla

The cheeky currawongs are always hopeful for a bite to eat.


The best way to see more of the spectacular landscape, without expending too much energy, is by helicopter.


Dove Lake and Lake Lilla appear much more expansive from the air.

11.Dove Lake, Lake Lilla & Wombat Pool

Crater Lake, despite its name and appearance, is not a volcanic crater but was formed during previous ice ages.

13.Crater Lake

Barn Bluff is visible from most areas of the National Park.

14.Barn Bluff

With ideal flying conditions we were treated to a close-up view of Fury Gorge.

16.Fury Gorge17.flight718.flight8

Mount Ossa is the highest peak in Tasmania, composed entirely of Jurassic dolerite.

19.Mt Ossa

The visual feast continued

as we made our way to Lake Windermere and the cluster of Cradle Mountain huts on the Overland Track.


Cradle Mountain from the southern side bears no resemblance to the iconic image we all know.

24.Cradle Mtn

The road and walking track lead to Dove Lake, a companionable distance between them.

25.Walking track:road

Until next time, the mountain will be waiting in all its majesty.


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