Strahan serenity

Strahan is a small town located on the beautiful Macquarie Harbour on Tasmania’s west coast. Rich in convict history, it is the gateway to World Heritage Wilderness. It is one of those special places where you immediately feel relaxed with the gorgeous harbour and buildings oozing historic charm.

1.town12.town242.Risby cove

A stroll up the hill to Strahan Village Hotel is rewarded with breathtaking views from the comfortable deck while enjoying a beverage.



The wharf is a hive of activity, reminiscent of the former port town.


Franklin Manor is the perfect place to stay. Built for the Harbour Master in 1896, the house and grounds are exquisite.



Risby Cove is a fabulous setting for dinner.


The food is delicious

and the views of the harbour at sunset are spectacular.


The short walk back to Franklin Manor and the welcoming lights are a perfect end to the day.


8 thoughts on “Strahan serenity

  1. Pretty Strahan, it is barely a month and a half since we visited this lovely seaside town – yet sadly it already feels like ages ago. Really enjoyed our time there, especially the Wilderness Railway trip.

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