gorgeous gorge

Last Sunday, we ventured to Launceston to catch up with our friends from Darwin. We spent a glorious spring morning at Cataract Gorge, a unique, natural formation close to the city centre.

1.gorge view

Cataract Gorge Reserve covers 192 hectares at the lower section of the South Esk River.


The nesting swans have a spectacular home.


There are many walking tracks and lookouts offering fabulous views.

5.from lookout6.bridge from lookout7.rocks12.from path8.rocks

The Alexandra Suspension Bridge was built in 1940 to connect the two sides of the river.


A short pause midway rewarded us with a great view upstream.

11.from bridge

The chairlift is a relaxing way to travel from First Basin to the Cliff Grounds. Built in 1972, it is the longest single-span chairlift in the world


and presents a different perspective from above.

from chair1from chair2from chair3from chair4from chair5chairlift3

The swimming pool, presumably empty for winter maintenance, is a very popular place in the warmer months.

swimming pool

The Cliff Grounds are serene, with sweeping lawns and variant displays of colour radiating from the many azaleas, rhododendrons, camellias and exotic plants


as well as ferns bursting forth with new fronds.


The Gorge Restaurant showcases Tasmania’s finest produce and wines


while the kiosk offers casual dining and the perfect terrace to enjoy a beverage.


The resident peacocks turn up in some surprising places.


Some are happy to quietly display their magnificent plumage


others feel the need to show off


and the girls just get on with it.


The wallabies are a little more bashful, especially with baby on board.


Don’t miss the experience of Cataract Gorge when you next visit Launceston.


13 thoughts on “gorgeous gorge

  1. I love this spot in Launceston, it is beautiful and well looked after. So glad you had what looks like an amazing day out πŸ™‚ beautiful colors and photos Kathy – loving reading all of your posts πŸ™‚ xxx


  2. Are you under the employ of Tasmanian Tourism?! Fantastic…and all I thought was that Tasmania was cold, had lots of trees, a big rivery thing and you two!


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