rainforest reflections

At first glance, our property has a nice, cedar clad house, surrounded by a large garden, surrounded by a few paddocks. What is not immediately obvious, is the other 40 acres of untouched rainforest. A short stroll through the western paddock finds a gateway to nature’s wonderland. The path should be taken slowly, not only because of the steep gradient but also to appreciate the expanse of manferns embracing the hillside.

1.track down2.left ferns3.left ferns

The mesmeric burble of a gently flowing stream follows down to the bridge where it continues, hidden by the forest, to the Blythe River.


Continuing along the track, variant scenes unfold revealing the beauty that is the rainforest.

5.fern1a6.fern27.fern38.fern49.fern510.lichen111.lichen12.tree13.tree214.Fern forest15.ferns15.path16.tree316.tree517.bracken18.lichen219.lichen320.return track

Through a clearing, the house is spied on it’s hilltop perch.

21.house from forest

The clematis vines that wind their way through the woodland unexpectedly reveal their grace.


A rainforest can never really be owned but we are proud to be temporary custodians.


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