tulip time

October is festival time at Table Cape Tulip Farm and a visit is an absolute must. Perched on top of the extinct volcanic vent that is Table Cape are the largest tulip fields in the southern hemisphere that you are able to wander through. The first bulbs came from Holland in 1984 and now look at them….


As well as the tulips, the views are magnificent and Table Cape lighthouse adds to the stunning landscape


The colours and varieties of tulips seemed endless

5.row lilac6.row orange7.row white8.row magenta9.row white:purple10.single magenta11.single peachy12.single white:red213.single red14.single white:red115.single white:purple

sometimes a random interloper appeared in the crowd

19.odd one517.odd one118.odd one2

There were some that didn’t resemble tulips at all


like this Foxtrot Double


and La Courtine Parrot

24.LC parrot125.LC parrot2

My favourite was the Flaming Parrot

26.F parrot127.F parrot2

The displays in the shop showcased the different varieties along with irises and liliums that are also grown on the farm


I found a close second favourite – the hairy tulip


It’s a shame this wondrous spectacle can only be enjoyed for such a short time each year, but then that’s what makes it so special.

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