pretty Poppy

When we moved to Tasmania we made the decision, much as we love them, not to have a dog. Two months later, driving home from work on a cold winters night, I came across a scared, starving creature wandering the lonely country road. I picked her up and she curled up on the back seat of the car. Stopping at the neighbours to cadge some kibble, I brought her home. She was in a very sad state and had obviously been mistreated and dumped in the middle of nowhere with no identification.

2.New Poppy3.New Poppy4.New Poppy

We made a comfortable bed for her in the potting shed and next morning took her to the Dogs Home.

1.New Poppy

Within 24 hours, we had phoned to say if no-one claimed her, she had a home with us. A few days later, we adopted Poppy, a 9 month old Border Collie (we think she has bit of Springer Spaniel as well).

5.Poppy home

We soon learnt that stuffed toys were not the best choice of plaything.

Her abusive past meant she was quite hand shy and for the first couple of years would freeze when her back was touched. She still won’t wear a jacket, even in the pouring rain.


Her best friends were Clarence, a labradoodle


and Charlie the chihuahua.


They loved visiting and having sleepovers, although Poppy has never liked being in the car.


Sadly, Clarence and Charlie moved to Adelaide


and (more sadly) Charlie passed away last year.


It didn’t take too long for Poppy to gain more confidence and she loves the freedom of running through the paddocks


and walks in the forest.

Sometimes a paddle in the stream is irresistible.


Poppy is now 7 years old and such an important part of our lives.

We wouldn’t be without our lovely Poppy.

8 thoughts on “pretty Poppy

  1. Oh how we miss darling Poppy 😘. She is such a beautiful girl. This story has made us feel quite homesick! Give Poppy a big hug from us and take care of yourselves. X


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