West Wales

Following our exploration of Cilgerran castle, we found a lovely place for lunch in nearby Cardigan.


I thought it would be nice to buy a cardigan in Cardigan, but I didn’t. Instead, we strolled along the River Teifi


before continuing our drive north. Not far from Aberystwyth was our inviting B&B, Awel-Deg, at Capel Bangor.


The views were stunning across the gorgeous Rheidol Valley.


We walked to the Tynllidiart Arms for dinner


and sampled ales brewed at the smallest commercial brewery in the world. Bragdy Gwynant is a five foot square former men’s toilet where, since 2004, beers have been brewed for the Tynllidiart Arms.


The next morning, we detoured to Devil’s Bridge. There are actually three bridges built on top of each other, the oldest dating back to the 11th century. The stone bridge was then built in 1753 when the original became unstable and the most recent iron bridge was constructed in 1901.


The bridge is at a point where, before reaching the River Rheidol, the River Mynach drops 90 metres down a steep and narrow ravine.


As we descended the steps

the bridge rose above us.


At the bottom, the water created wonderful waterfalls as it cascaded through the confines of the gorge.


According to legend, the original bridge was built by the Devil. He was visiting Wales and came across a lady whose cow had wandered across the river and she couldn’t get her back. He offered to build a bridge in return for the soul of the first living thing to cross the bridge. The next morning, the lady returned but she tricked the Devil by throwing bread so her dog went across first. The Devil wasn’t happy and was never seen in Wales again.


We continued our drive north through Snowdonia National Park, 823 square miles of stunning landscapes,


as we headed for the coast.

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