Simpsons Gap

Returning from Uluru to Alice Springs, we passed some stunning landscape

as we headed for Simpsons Gap in the West MacDonnell Ranges. Flanked by towering cliffs,

5.Creekbed Walk6.Creekbed Walk7.Creekbed Walk9.Creekbed Walk

we followed the Creekbed Walk along the edge of Roe Creek.

10.Roe Creek

It’s hard to imagine how this sandy bed

12.Roe Creek

managed to carve the gorge that is Simpsons Gap.

14.Simpsons Gap15.Simpsons Gap

The permanent waterhole attracts an abundance of wildlife

16.Simpsons Gap

and is home to the black-footed rock wallaby. I think we were there at the wrong time of day to see any.

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