Villa Grabau

Lucca is surrounded by magnificent historical residences of the 16th century. On a perfect spring day, three of us ventured out to discover a couple of them. Villa Grabau was first built in Renaissance style in the late 16th century,


then renovated in the 19th century in a neo-classical style.


Following a tour of the villa, owned by the Grabau family since 1868, we explored the 9 hectares of beautiful gardens. Starting with the formal Italian garden behind the villa,

4.Italian garden5.Italian garden

the pond lilies enjoying the sunshine.

6.lily pond7.lily pond

We meandered along mysterious paths


never knowing quite what we would find.

The 17th century limonaia was fascinating.


Over 100 lemon trees are moved inside, in their terracotta pots, to shelter in winter.


There are many rare species in the park,

we didn’t expect to find giant bamboo in an Italian garden.

The ‘Box Hedge Theatre’ was enchanting. hedge theatre

A stage defined by box tree hedges set in a secluded position, hedge hedge theatre

the theatre garden contains two marble lions and a bubbling fountain. hedge theatre

Having worked up an appetite, we had a delicious al fresco lunch at a small roadside Osteria, Bottega sulla Fraga.


The English translation of the menu was dubious

but the meals were superb.

After lunch, we made our way to Villa Reale but that will be another post.

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