On a warm, sunny morning, while the boys were busy building guitars, I drove with two of the wives to a nearby village in Bagni di Lucca – Lugliano. Having learned how narrow the village streets can be, we opted to park at the church

1.chiesa di San Jacopo

and discover the rest on foot. Lugliano dates back to 853 AD and as we had anticipated, the main road

2.main road

soon became narrow, cobbled streets



full of wonderful surprises.

The village had a serenity, enhanced by the sunshine,



the four legged residents were testament to the tranquility.

The views across the mountains


and the valley below were spectacular.



I couldn’t resist the intriguing doorways

as we returned to our starting point.


The Chiesa di San Jacopo was magnificent when viewed from the village.

47.chiesa di San Jacopo

The wildflowers were lovely

and the gardens had colourful blooms.

We wandered up the road in the other direction


and discovered the village cemetery

with a striking view across the mountains.

59.cemetery view

It was time to return to Benabbio for lunch, with one last view of the Chiesa di San Jacobo.

60.chiesa di San Jacopo61.chiesa di San Jacopo

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