too many tomatoes?

This is for all of you who planted tomatoes in summer, nurturing the young plants, giving plenty of water through the warmest, driest summer on record. The excitement when the first ones ripened.

The first batch of tomato sauce, tomato soup, the second batch, then the third as the little darlings turned red before your very eyes. Gathering momentum as the weeks pass, you give them to friends by the kilo until this point where you just wish they would stop! And so do your friends.


I want to share a very special find with you. A recipe for the most sensational jam – yes, tomato jam. You can’t go wrong with a Sally Wise recipe and here it is:

1kg (2lb) tomatoes

1.5kg (3lb) sugar

juice of one and a half lemons

Chop the tomatoes, I left the skins on and they ‘candied’ in the mixture. Add the lemon juice and bring to the boil. Add the sugar and stir till dissolved. Boil fast till setting point is reached (I use jam making sugar to speed things up).


This recipe made six jars and it is delicious.

The tomatoes are still coming so I guess I’ll be adding to my already ample stash of Pomarola and Roasted Tomato Soup in the freezer.

10 thoughts on “too many tomatoes?

  1. Yum! Nothing like home grown tomatoes, even we can grow them here in the Tropics during the Dry season. I don’t think ours are as prolific as yours though.


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