The Tramp

Many of you will not realise that I have a very creative husband. You may have seen my previous posts in relation to his guitar making (lyrical luthier) and musical talent (grapes, gourmet & guitar). He has recorded and released two CDs of his own compositions and has now expanded his repertoire to include writing. This latest project has just been launched on the crowdfunding website, Pozible. I won’t say too much because this link will tell you everything you need to know.

I think you will find the videos entertaining and if you feel the urge to offer support there are a range rewards for you to choose from. I wish him all the luck, he deserves it.

The Tramp CD_Novel Mock

9 thoughts on “The Tramp

  1. I do know that you have a very creative ( and charming ) husband. We bought one of his CDs when we were in Tasmania and enjoy listening to it.
    We will have a better look at his post when we return to BdL. We leave Sicily today for a ghost town in Calabria.

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