Bath & Bulford

While staying in Wiltshire, we crossed the border into Somerset for a day trip to Bath.


Known for it magnificent 18th century Georgian architecture



and natural hot springs, we headed for a tour of the original Roman Baths. Our attention was diverted to a gathering crowd and we joined them to find two g-string clad gents who proceeded to entertain with an array of cunning stunts for the next half hour.

Some of the ladies enjoying a cuppa in the adjacent tea rooms had a bird’s eye view.

The grand finale of synchronised hand stands with sparklers in their bottoms was spectacular.

It was well worth the £5 we donated at the end. We never did see the Roman Baths! We strolled along the river



and made our way to Royal Crescent. The row of 30 terraced houses was built between 1767 & 1774 and is one of Bath’s most iconic landmarks.

27.Royal Cresc Bath

In need of a well earned lunch and a pint, we found The Curfew, a traditional British pub built in the 1820s.

We returned to our fabulous B&B in Bulford, The Dovecot.

30.Dovecot Bulford

The core of the house is the old 18th century dovecot for Bulford Manor.

Set on 6 very peaceful acres on the banks of the River Avon

38.Dovecot Bulford37.Dovecot Bulford

even the outbuildings had charm.

We found a pub in a nearby village, Upper Woodford, for dinner.

41.The Bridge Upp Woodford

This is not quite what we expected when ordering fish cakes in a pub.

42.The Bridge Upp Woodford

The bottle of South Australian white completed the day perfectly.

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