Territory Wildlife Park

On a perfect winters day in Darwin, we set off to discover Territory Wildlife Park, situated about 60km south on 400 hectares of natural bushland. We spent a few hours wandering through woodland, wetland and monsoon habitats.


Along the Monsoon Vine Forest Walk is one of the largest domed walk-through aviaries in the southern hemisphere.



Birds weren’t the only creatures in the aviary.



The surroundings were stunning


with the occasional surprise at ground level.


Some of the trees had created fascinating designs of their own.


The Park is well set out with a shuttle train continuously travelling the 4km loop, a welcome service as the temperature rises. Each exhibit entrance is adorned with cute critters and clever decorations.

The display of free-flying birds at the Flight Deck was amazing.

The eagle trying to break open an emu egg with a rock showed the innate behaviour is still strong in these birds in captivity.

36.flight deck1

Neil, the bush stone-curlew stole the show.

39.flight deck4

Just when you think you’ve seen everything there is something new to surprise.



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