marvellous Melbourne

Last weekend I ventured to the big smoke to spend some time with my sister from Adelaide. We had a lovely apartment on the thirtieth floor on Southbank with expansive views to the south from the balcony.

1.south view 12.south view2

The ocean of glass to the north dazzled with stunning reflections that seemed to change constantly



and the shifting light added dimension to the adjacent tower.

We were fortunate to be in Melbourne on the weekend of the Mind Body Spirit Festival held at the Exhibition Centre where I enjoyed a whole range of new experiences.

Our days were filled with shopping and we walked for miles, taking in the sights along the way. The river is a tranquil centrepiece to the bustling city.


Towering edifices line the footpaths, some with a certain kind of elegance

while others like to make a statement.

I think the older buildings have much more charm

and some of them stand firm in the shadow of progress.

After a days exercise we enticed our aching feet a little further to savour the delights of the eateries on Southbank

and admire the city lights.

52.night view2

Melbourne is a fabulous place for a long weekend but it’s nice to come home to the forest.

8 thoughts on “marvellous Melbourne

  1. My all time favourite Australian city, best architecture in Australia (new and old) and love all the alleys and laneways with fabulous ‘different’ shopping experiences. However, like you said, great to visit but nice to go home to peace, quiet and greenery. Glad you had a wonderful time.


  2. I am glad they are keeping a mix of old and new buildings… that’s what I like about Perth. Mmmm … food looks good 🙂 . Nice idea to catch up with your sister where you can both have a change of scenery. Take care.


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