bulbs, blossom & blooms

We have four distinct seasons in Tasmania and each one brings something new to the garden. Our first spring was filled with surprises as the bulbs we hadn’t planted reared their beautiful heads. I always believed bulbs were hard work, having to lift and store them every year. I am pleased to discover, if they are ignored, the reward is greater with the passage of time. The daffodils are a fine example, giving a glorious display this year


1.daffodils3.daffodils4.daffodil6.daffodil & bumble

The German iris ‘Florentina’ and Hyacinth appear in unexpected places

14.florentine iris

The delicate scent of Daphne heralds the oncoming spring; the Helleborus and snowbells are early to bloom


One of the most amazing revelations were the huge clumps of Cymbidium orchids thriving without any protection from the elements. I had always thought they needed nurturing in a protected environment to even consider blooming


The birds and bees love the Grevillea


The fruit trees are blossoming


The lilies are my favourite, so elegant and simple


The Waratah completes the early spring garden


There is much more awaiting with the shifting of the season…..

8 thoughts on “bulbs, blossom & blooms

  1. Just love the photographs Kathy. Your garden is amazing…the orchids are beautiful. Look forward to hearing more about your piece of paradise πŸ™‚


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