in the beginning…..

While holidaying in Tasmania in December 2007, we realised it was the place we wanted to call home. Almost a year later, we bid farewell to friends and family and made the big move overseas – from South Australia. After renting for five months in the least prestigious suburb of Launceston, we found our ideal property amongst the green rolling hills of the beautiful northwest


Secretly stashed away from the road with the only neighbours a few paddocks away, it was almost too good to be true


The view from the front windows overlook our fifty acres of pristine rainforest, across to farmland on the other side of the valley, where poppies and potato crops create an ever-changing palette

10.north view

The spectacle of the mist rising up from the rainforest never ceases to entrance me


And the way the light from the setting sun dazzles through the trees…….


The grass seems greener here


The goldfish bigger and brighter

Even the tiny furry creatures are more…. contented


There is something different to appreciate every day – coming home after a walk in the forest winter morning

A rainbow in a stormy sky


We are very happy to have found our slice of Paradise


14 thoughts on “in the beginning…..

  1. Congratulations on starting the blog. I am so envious of the beautiful spring flowers, can’t quite grow those in the NT! Looking forward to following your adventures. See you in October!!


  2. Now I know why my comments wasn’t on. I didn’t fill in the blanks!!! Lol!! Absolutely beautiful Kathy and Michael. What a paradise!! Reminds me of England… And geez! what a botanist as well!! Beautiful…


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