lunch with Mary

Last Sunday, we had an invitation to lunch at the home of a friend. The location shall remain a well guarded secret other than to say, clinging in seclusion to the cliff face of Table Cape, it is a most spectacular setting. After a heart starter coffee, we wandered down to the private beach, only accessible for a few hours a day at low tide. Across rolling green pasture,


edging a large dam, we were entertained by the “pobblebonk” of the banjo frogs.


The descending track to the beach teased us with glimpses of our destination.


Absolute tranquility surrounded us as we clambered over rocks

discovering the crystal clear pools


and the surprises of red anemones,


the flotsam brought in with the tide to the rim of the perfect sand.


After lunch, we explored the beautifully tended garden

then sat together in the summer house, lost in thought as the mesmerising mist drew in across the sea.


All too soon, it was time to leave and bearing a small posy of English primrose we returned to our own reality.

Thank you, Mary, for a wonderful day.

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