Billy bunny

There is a new resident here at 569. When we first saw him, we assumed he was just passing through but it seems he has made a home here, safe under a spreading grevillea.


Up early in the morning, he starts his day with a wash.

When he saw me watching, he tried to make himself small and thought about retreating.

Deciding I wasn’t a threat, he happily went about his grazing.

9.Phew, that was close

I assume he will leave soon to start a family of his own. Until then, I have named him Billy.


9 thoughts on “Billy bunny

  1. Isn’t it strangely wonderful how a creature deemed ‘feral’ can exude a personality that can be appreciated. Billy is indeed a character and I hope he (or she) hangs around but doesn’t do the ‘nature’ thing and produce a thousand offspring …


    • I thought that initially but he was too small to have travelled any distance. Maybe a hawk picked him up and dropped him here but bunnies usually die of fright when that happens 🤔


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