On the last weekend of the guitar making course, Michael had some time off between coats of oil. The two of us took a drive to Abetone, a renowned skiing resort in the Apennines. There were remnants of snow on the alps and a bracing crispness in the air.

We parked the car just as some Vespa enthusiasts were leaving.


The town was very quiet,


most of the shops had closed and the hotels and holiday chalets were waiting patiently for next season.


The view from the Hotel Bellavista was stunning, the ski runs clearly visible between the trees.

The chairlifts had been put to bed for the summer.



There weren’t many places open for lunch but fortunately, we found La Casina. The open fire and cosy ambience were perfect


along with the delicious food. The staff spoke no English and we inadvertently ordered roasted balsamic onions as our vegetable side dish.

We walked further after lunch, accompanied by magnificent scenery.


Our stroll through a tranquil beech forest was cut short by two rather unfriendly dogs who didn’t like us on their turf.

From the higher ground, we had a different perspective of the alps

and of the town nestled snugly in the valley.


It was time to wend our way back to Benabbio for that final coat of oil and our last night at Villa San Rocco.


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